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    World Coronavirus triggers boom in private jet inquiries - BBC

    Private jet operators have seen a big spike in requests from passengers wanting to charter their own planes during the coronavirus outbreak. With airlines scaling back flights in and out of China, some travellers are stuck inside or outside the country.
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    Metro Post Brexit UK Visa/Job Policy: No Visas For Low-Skilled Workers – Nairaland

    Immigration: No visas for low-skilled workers, government says Low-skilled workers would not get visas under post-Brexit immigration plans unveiled by the government. It is urging employers to "move away" from relying on "cheap labour" from Europe and invest in retaining staff and developing...
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    Metro Pay increase good, but not enough – Corps members – The Guardian Nigeria News

    The promise of pay rise, which President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law on April 18, 2019 (2019 Minimum Wage Bill), has yielded positive for members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Their monthly allowance has grown from N19, 800, to … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News –...