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    Business ntel Unveils New Data Promo, Delights Subscribers with Unlimited Data

    NatCom Development and Investment Company “NatCom” (trading as ntel) has unveiled a two for three data promo for customers who want to enjoy more data for less on its 4G/LTE Advanced network. ntelis offering prospective customers who buy any of the 4G/VoLTE-enabled TecnoCamon C5 or Konka R2...
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    Business ntel Offers 4G/LTE Free Browsing to Launch Internet Router

    ntel, Nigeria’s most advanced 4G/LTE network provider, has launched its internet router across its outlets in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. The ZTE Router supports up to 64 concurrent Wi-Fi connections and 4 LAN ports connections. Subscribers who purchase the router alongside one of...
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    Business See Ntel Data Bundle Plans and Prices

    Finally! Nigerial ntel data plans and tariff plans on most advanced 4G Long Term Evolution(LTE) Network is finally out and is packed with unlimited internet offers. Though Ntel 4G LTE is currently available both in Abuja and Lagos, in some months time it will get to some other states in...
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    Ntel: How to Reserve and Customise Your 0804-Number

    ntel, Nigeria’s most advanced 4G/LTE network has announced the commencement of its phased and paced commercial operations with bumper offers for Pioneers and data users. Follow these steps to reserve your personalized phone numbers... Visit: www.ntel.com.ng Choose your own Number Fil...