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    How To Save An Instagram Picture On Your Android Phone

    Instagram is an online mobile photo & video sharing service which allows you to snap a picture, edit and upload for engagement by your followers. You can also share on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Saving a picture on Instagram is not straightforward. However, if there's a...
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    Metro READ Nigerian Air Force "Love Letter" To Boko Haram Terrorists [See Photo]

    "With Love To Boko Haram" was boldly written to a rocket which was used in attacking Boko Haram terrorists base I the northern part of the country.. It seems Nigerian Airforce is now sending letters to the Militants through a rocket weapon......LOL See photo:
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    Metro Nigerian Soldier Caught Teaching 2 Children in Borno [See Photo]

    A Nigerian soldier, Cheer Agba was pictured teaching two children, Abubakar and Mustaphar Goni in Borno state... Photo credit: BBOG Nigeria
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    Metro Photos of Suspected Militants That Wanted to Kill Former President, Jonathan Today

    Former President Goodluck Jonathan narrowly escaped an death by some men suspected to be assailants. These are the faces of those suspected assailants... Read the story HERE
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    Metro Shocking: See Photos of Wicked Househelp That Cuts Off Baby's Hand

    This is a shocking and wicked photo of a house-help who chop-off a little baby's house. God will save families from the hands of these house helpers o.