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    Politics Conversation with Pius Adesanmi on the first anniversary of his passage – Vanguard News

    https://www.vanguardngr.com/2020/03/conversation-with-pius-adesanmi-on-the-first-anniversary-of-his-passage/ Get More Nigeria Political News
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    Video Nigeria News Today - I Will Correct “Terrible Mismanagement” Of Nigeria – President Buhari Vows

    Today's News Highlights Includes; How Okorocha’s 2023 Presidential Ambition Cost APC Imo Guber Seat – Nairaland https://www.nigerianbulletin.com/threads/how-okorocha%E2%80%99s-2023-presidential-ambition-cost-apc-imo-guber-seat-%E2%80%93-nairaland.378001/ Kano Governorship: Ganduje’s aide...
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    Metro ‘No one attempted to help, they were just cursing’ – Nigerian Professor involved in car accident – Laila’s Blog News

    A Nigerian Professor, Pius Adesanmi, who was involved in an accident while on his way to Lagos from Ilorin, to board a flight to Dakar for a meeting, has narrated how no help came for him and other victims of the accident for almost two hours. His … Read more via Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog...
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    Metro From Borno To Sokoto, Why Northern Elite Are Obsessed With Finding Oil In The North

    Pius Adesanmi wrote an interesting post on Facebook in response to a note by Kelechi Deca about lack of utilization of other ports in the country outside of Lagos. In his response, Pius points out the singular obsession of the northern elite to find oil, which in his opinion will then mean the...
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    Metro Saraki, Sowore & Nigeria’s Barabbas Moment By Pius Adesanmi

    There are two problems bordering on abomination in my title. First problem: the names, Saraki and Sowore, are appearing in the same sentence. Second problem: Saraki’s name even comes first in the list. If you feel disgusted, even violated, you are right. The names, Saraki and Sowore, should have...
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    Politics APC's Obstinate Journey to Shame Via London - Pius Adesanmi

    Those interested in the dustbin of Nigeria’s history will one day find APC inside the rubble, among the putrefaction, just beside PDP, and bring out her carcas for examination. Such students of the dustbin of history will likely conclude that APC’s signature contribution to the Nigerian...
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    Metro The Coconut On The Head Of Nigerian Christianity By Pius Adesanmi

    Ambode versus Chaplain… I haven’t seen Ambode’s denial or clarification. I haven’t heard his own side of the story. We also haven’t heard from Mrs. Ambode. If the available version is true, it is a case of Gambari pa Fulani. I don’t see why ordinary Nigerians should be unduly exercised...
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    Politics 10 Reasons Nigerians Should Be Fair To Fayose – Pius Adesanmi

    Pius Adesanmi, a public affairs commentator has written on why Nigerians should not castigate Governor Ayo Fayose's traditional use of guns to combat the rampaging herdsmen in contrast to his Lagos state counterpart, Akinwunmi Ambode. READ Full Text Below: ------ Nigeria being Nigeria, the...
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    Politics Ben Murray-Bruce And The Glamour Of Favor By Pius Adesanmi

    A national teachable moment happened recently on Twitter between Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, Nigeria’s Area Father Plenipotentiary of commonsense, and Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, who needs no introduction. There is a background to that Twitter spat that most commentators have not critically examined. The...
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    Politics Nigeria: A Confederacy Of Rough Ideas By Pius Adesanmi

    I’ve been away from my preoccupations with the Nigerian tragedy for a little over a week. That is because the academic unit that I head at Carleton University, the Institute of African Studies, is preparing for one of the biggest annual events on its extremely busy calendar of activities. Once a...