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    World Donald Trump Says FBI and DOJ Will Review Jussie Smollett’s Case –

    Donald Trump has refused to allow Jussie Smollett to lick his wounds in peace. Speaking at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump called the dropped charges “an embarrassment to our country, what took place there” and said he agreed with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel about the outcome. Recall …...
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    World Pentagon chief says $1 billion of funding shifted to border wall – Reuters

    The U.S. Department of Defense shifted $1 billion to plan and build a 57-mile section of “pedestrian fencing”, roads and lighting along the border between the United States and Mexico, the Pentagon chief said on Monday. .... Read more via Reuters – Get more World News
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    World Trump Campaign Sends List of Democrats Who Made ‘False Claims’ About Russian Collusion To News Networks, Encourages Not To Book Them – Newsweek

    President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is encouraging television news networks to cease booking several Democrats on their programs, citing “outlandish, false claims” made by the individuals named in a letter sent to the networks on Monday. The letter was penned by Tim Murtaugh, the...
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    World Pentagon authorizes $1 bn for Trump’s border wall – Capital News

    Acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan said Monday he had authorized $1 billion to build part of the wall sought by President Donald Trump along the US-Mexico border. The Department of Homeland Security asked the Pentagon to build 57 miles... Read more via Capital News –...
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    World Trump Defenders Underestimate The Mueller Report By Touting No Indictments – Forbes

    The pro-Trump spin machine is out on the airwaves, touting that the just-completed Mueller Report recommends no new indictments. For ten briefly-stated reasons, the Mueller action marks more of a beginning, than an end, to the search for wrongdoing in the Russia scandal..... Read more via...
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    World All of Trump’s Humiliating Financial Lies Are About to Be Exposed – Vanity Fair

    One of the great mysteries of the business world is why Deutsche Bank lent financial pariah Donald Trump $2 billion over two decades, when other firms treated him like an infectious disease capable of wiping out entire populations. Thanks to Democrats’ … Read more via Vanity Fair –...
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    World UK and other EU countries ban Boeing 737 Max planes after Ethiopia crash – the Guardian

    Boeing and the US aviation authorities have come under increasing pressure to ground the 737 Max despite repeated reassurances as the European Union and numerous other countries halted flights and Donald Trump.... Read more via the Guardian – Get more World News
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    World Trump’s China Torture Act Backfires – Forbes

    It’s time to call Donald Trump’s trade war what it is: an experiment in economic torture. Only, the U.S. president is dabbling in both roles. On the one hand, his tariffs are giving China quite a wallop, delivering sadistic pain and humiliation... Read more via Forbes –...
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    World Rep. Omar fires back after Trump calls for her resignation – CNN

    Rep. Ilhan Omar on Wednesday rejected President Donald Trump's call for her to resign after she suggested US support of Israel is motivated by money, charging that the President is hypocritical given his history of race-baiting statements..... Read more via CNN – Get...
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    World Fox News Quietly Ditched Trump-Loving Sheriff David Clarke – The Daily Beast

    For years, Sheriff David A. Clarke was a fixture on Fox News, raging against Black Lives Matter, reportedly neglecting his duties as sheriff, and owning libs at every corner. Nowadays, the firebrand Trump ally and ex-Milwaukee sheriff isn’t welcome on Fox anymore, The Daily Beast … Read...
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    World ‘You’re My Kind of Man.’ President Trump Fulfills a Dying Man’s Last Wish With a Phone Call – TIME

    A terminally ill Connecticut man who’s a big supporter of President Donald Trump is getting a bucket list wish fulfilled, with help from his Democratic sister. Jay Barrett, of West Haven, who has cystic fibrosis, left a hospital to begin palliative care at his sister’s … Read more via TIME...
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    World N. Korea has no economic future if they have nuclear weapons- Trump – Plus TV Africa

    U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday that North Korea had a bright economic future if the two countries made a deal, but did not have any economic future with nuclear weapons. The second meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in Vietnam, … Read more via...
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    World I am an innocent man persecuted by corrupt people – Trump – Laila’s Blog

    US President Donald Trump has reacted to the ongoing trial of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, which started right from his emergence as president. According to Trump, its been two years of presidential harassment with no result other than Democrats breaking the law. He stated … Read more...
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    World Donald Trump launches furious attack on Robert Mueller – TODAY.NG

    US President Donald Trump has launched a furious attack on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and on his critics at a conservative summit. In the longest speech of his presidency, Trump railed against the inquiry into alleged collusion between his campaign and Russia. “We’re waiting for a report …...
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    World Trump Loses His Stare Down With North Korea’s Jong Un – Vanguard News Nigeria

    If you are a boxing or wrestling fan, you will be familiar with the pre-fight hypes and publicity. It is not unusual for boxers or fighters and their promoters to do some out of the ordinary things in their bid to publicise fights. I am usually enthralled … Read more via Vanguard News...
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    World This billionaire reportedly paid $60K for a portrait of Trump. He was allegedly reimbursed by Trump’s charity – CNN

    Stewart Rahr is a pharmaceutical billionaire, self-described "king of all fun" and, as President Donald Trump told a magazine, a real character. Rahr, a fixture on gossip sites, was "the fake bidder" who plunked down $60,000 in 2013 for a portrait of his friend Trump, according to an article...
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    World Cohen unloads on Trump in explosive testimony – Yahoo News

    In long-awaited and explosive testimony before a congressional panel President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen said that as a candidate Trump was aware Roger Stone was working with WikiLeaks to disseminate hacked emails, and that after he took office the president reimbursed …...
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    World Michael Cohen’s Credibility Has Never Been More Certain – Wired

    Like many reporters and editors in DC or New York, I have been yelled at by Michael Cohen. It’s been almost a rite of passage for anyone writing about Donald Trump over the last decade. There was no bone too small for his long-time lawyer and fixer to pick … Read more via Wired –...
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    World Trump a ‘racist’, ‘conman’ and a ‘cheat’ – Cohen – P.M. News

    President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Wednesday told the U.S. Congress that Trump is a `racist,’ a `conman’ and a `cheat.’ Cohen, Trump’s onetime `fixer,’ said Trump knew in advance about a release of emails by the WikiLeaks website … Read more via P.M. News –...
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    World House votes to block Trump border emergency – BBC News

    The US House of Representatives has voted to revoke President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration over building a US-Mexico border wall. The bid to overturn the declaration now goes to … Read more via BBC News – Get more World News