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    World Russia puts Ukraine's Zelensky on wanted list - Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny was killed by a 'KGB trademark' single punch to the heart, human rights campaigner claims - LIB
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    World Germany preparing for Russia to start World War 3, leaked war plans reveal - Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Russia presidential election set for March 17, 2024 - Punch Newspaper
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    World Russia’s Olympic Committee suspended by IOC for violations against Ukraine - Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Russia vetoes UN resolution on Mali sanctions - Vanguard Nigeria
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    World Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny sentenced to another 19-years for extremism conviction - Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Russia hopes to build on influence in Africa - Vanguard Nigeria
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    World 'We didn't want to overthrow Putin' - Wagner boss Prigozhin makes his first comments since attempted coup - Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Russian strikes kill 26, including five children - Punch Newspaper
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    World Russia to boost military in northwest as Finland joins NATO - GUARDIAN Newspapers
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    World Putin visits Crimea as Ukraine grain deal extended - The Guardian Nigeria
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    World Russia Open To ‘Peace Talk’ With Ukraine – President Putin - Information Nigeria
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    World Putin Ally Demands 'Traitors and Deserters' Be Shot as Russia Retreats - Newsweek
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    World Russia-Ukraine war: Putin signs law to mobilize convicts - Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Russia releases 10 prisoners of war including 2 Americans and 5 British soldiers captured in Ukraine after Saudi Arabia mediation (photos)...
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    Metro Mum accused of selling her five-day-old baby boy for £3,000 to pay for nose job – Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Russia To Cut Off Gas Supply To Poland & Bulgaria Over Refusal To Pay In Rubles – Nairaland
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    World Ukraine War: Russia Bans UK PM Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Others – Ladun Liadi’s Blog
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    World Russia’s Top Diplomat Admits Kremlin Was Shocked By Scale Of Western Sanctions – HuffPost