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    Sexual Health Is Sex Addiction Real? – Vice

    Taylor, a 31-year-old in Los Angeles who asked that only her first name be used for privacy, started having casual sex several times a week in college. Her friends warned her she could be a sex addict. At age 21, she was a victim of revenge porn, which her therapist … Read more via Vice...
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    Metro Man narrates how his 21 year old female cousin introduced him to sex at 6 – lailas News

    Man narrates how his 21 year old female cousin introduced him to sex at 6 A Nigerian man has taken to twitter to give a narration on how he was sexually abused at the age ... Read more via Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog – Nigeria Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro Woman addicted to sex explains how she overcame the addiction – Laila’s Blog

    A woman who was formerly addicted to sex has explained how she was able to overcome the drive to always engage in sex and how at a time in her life, she almost committed suicide. Jace Downey says her troubles started when she was just five-years-old. Her sexual fantasies eventually escalated to...
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    World Sex Addict Who Had Sex Over 1000 Times With More Than 100 Men As A Teenager Shares Her Story

    A former sex addicted woman Monique Price, 25, has come out to raise awareness on the dangers after her 10-year obsession nearly killed her. She believes that she had sex over 1,000 times with more than 100 sexual partners. Monique claims she first became addicted to intercourse after having...