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    Metro Nigerians Should Expect New Electricity Tariffs From Monday - NERC

    The new tariffs approved for electricity consumers across the country will become effective on Monday and will enable the power distribution, generation and transmission companies to acquire needed infrastructure, the acting Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Dr. Anthony...
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    How To Enjoy The Cheapest Tariff Plans For Calls & SMS Across All Networks

    Recently there have been a lot of competition and upgrades amongst these networks in both data plans and call tariff plans. With all this changes, its time you stop making calls at exorbitant rates that even my billionaire grand pa will object to lols. I Decided to write this after realising...
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    Metro Nigeria to Raise Electricity Rates by 40% in Next Month

    The Chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, Dr. Sam Amadi has said that electricity tariffs will increase by 5%, while some other prices will raise as much as 40%, depending on the electricity distribution companies and class of customer, adding that the changes in rates would take...