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    Business Speaking against toxic work cultures – Techpoint Africa
  2. Nigeria Business News

    Business The future of Nigeria’s finance is edging towards decentralisation – Techpoint.Africa

    Many of this generation were born at a time when banking meant waking up early enough to walk into a bank branch to access finance-related services. Those were the analogue days when one needed to be a salary earner in order to have access to.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa –...
  3. Nigeria Business News

    Business SchoolGate is providing affordable online Education in Nigeria – Techpoint.Africa

    SchoolGate is an EdTech startup providing affordable audio-visual learning contents from the Primary to the Tertiary level. Schoolgate also provides contents on Basic Programming and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).... Read more via Techpoint.Africa –...
  4. Nigeria Business News

    Business How Chaka is simplifying access to global and local stock markets for Nigerians – Techpoint.Africa

    In our first startup of the month feature for the year we bring you, the company that is helping Nigerian (both people and companies) invest in global and local stock markets... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  5. Nigeria Business News

    Business Lagos State to enforce ban on Gokada,, and ORide from February 2020 – Techpoint.Africa

    Following weeks of speculation and months of tussles between ride-hailing platforms and regulatory authorities, the Lagos State Government has officially banned all forms of motorcycles in major parts of Lagos State... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria...
  6. Nigeria Business News

    Business Nigeria’s Finance Act and an impending tax turf war between federal and state governments – Techpoint.Africa

    Techpoint Legal and Policy columnist, Enyioma Madubuike sheds light on the impending tax turf war, between federal and state governments, that has been set in motion as a result of Nigeria’s new Finance Act, and how it might affect startups Read more via Techpoint.Africa –...
  7. Nigeria Business News

    Business YouTube appoints Alex Okosi as managing director of Emerging Markets, EMEA – Techpoint.Africa

    Over time, YouTube has played an important role in the discovery and development of African and International music. The video-sharing platform has been useful in sharing African content to listeners all around the worldwide.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get...
  8. Nigeria Business News

    Business Lagos state plans to observe its waterways with over 5,000 drones – Techpoint.Africa

    In a bid to curb boat mishaps, the Lagos state government says it has acquired drones to monitor its waterways, which appear to be the fastest means of transport... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  9. Nigeria Business News

    Business Why you’ve been experiencing unusually poor internet service on MTN – Techpoint.Africa

    If you’ve been having challenges connecting to the internet via MTN since Thursday evening, you are not alone. It’s the same for many across West Africa. Here’s what we know so far about the root cause.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  10. Nigeria Business News

    Business Jason Njoku is taking iROKOtv public – Techpoint.Africa

    iROKOtv, one of the leading online movie streaming platforms in Africa has commenced its initial public offering process.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  11. Nigeria Business News

    Business The ride for mobility and logistics to the centre stage of the Nigerian startup space – Techpoint.Africa

    These days, moving around major Nigerian cities like Lagos or Enugu is as easy as tapping a smartphone to book a seat on a bus, motorcycle or the most recent addition to the e-hailing market — tricycle. Since the beginning of the second quarter of the year, startups in the mobility and...
  12. Nigeria Business News

    Business Nigeria’s CcHUB fully acquires Kenya’s iHub – Techpoint.Africa

    Nigeria’s Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) has announced the acquisition of Kenya’s iHub. This is the first time in Africa that a technology hub is acquiring another. Arguably two of Africa’s most reputable and impactful technology hubs, CcHUB and iHub... Read more via Techpoint.Africa –...
  13. Nigeria Business News

    Business We were not hacked, our acquirer bank is to blame — Bolt (Taxify) – Techpoint.Africa

    We reached out to Bolt (formerly Taxify) to make sense of why its users were getting debit alerts for unauthorised rides. Here’s what the company had to say.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  14. Nigeria Business News

    Business How I Work: Iniabasi Akpan, OPay Country Manager – Techpoint.Africa

    Behind the seeming motorcycle-hailing invasion in Lagos is Iniabasi Akpan, the Country Manager of OPay. With over 28 years of experience, Akpan is no newbie to Nigeria’s tech space.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  15. Nigeria Business News

    Business MTN Group reshuffles leadership roles in multiple African countries – Techpoint.Africa

    MTN Group is shaking up a number of top executive roles in its branches across various countries. Philip van Dalsen, the CEO of MTN Zambia and Freddy Tchala MTN Côte d’Ivoire CEO will both be leaving MTN at the end of September..... Read more via Techpoint.Africa –
  16. Nigeria Business News

    Business Uber could be venturing into bus transportation in Lagos very soon – Techpoint.Africa

    Uber is working on a public bus system for Lagos and is already in talks with city transport officials.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  17. Nigeria Business News

    Business How Helium Health is innovating healthcare in Nigeria and West Africa – Techpoint.Africa

    Health providers are often overwhelmed with manual handling of paperwork and administrative duties that they give less attention to their primary responsibility of improving the quality of public health. Although these responsibilities are mutually inclusive, patients still deserve the best...
  18. Nigeria Business News

    Business OPay continues to expand as ‘OTrike’ launches in Aba – Techpoint.Africa

    Opera-founded startup, Opay, has just introduced OTrike, a tricycle hailing service, in the commercial city of Aba, southeast of Nigeria..... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  19. Nigeria Business News

    Business Pickmeup launches first ever online ride-hailing service in Abeokuta – Techpoint.Africa

    First of its kind, Pickmeup Ride launches as a pioneering online ride-hailing service in Abeokuta.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  20. Nigeria Business News

    Business Lagos-based mobile solutions startup, GONA raises multi-million dollar fund for expansion – Techpoint.Africa

    GONA is a mobile solutions startup headquartered in China but with primary operations in Lagos. The startup recently announced the completion of a multi-million dollar Pre-A round of financing. Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News