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    Metro Bikers Seen Smuggling Rice Into Nigeria From Niger Republic (Photos, Video) – Tori Mill News

    A Nigerian man identified as Macham Emjayz Joshua has taken to his Facebook page to share the shocking video he captured about some bikers … Read more via Tori Mill News – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro Church Elder Found Dead In Guest House After Having Sex With A Member - Tori Mill

    An elder at the Ascension Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Koforidua was found dead in a room hours after he had lodged into a guest house at Aboabo, near Nkurakan in the Eastern Region, last Tuesday. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Nurse Seen Taking Lollipop In An Emergency Room While Attending To A Patient - Tori Mill

    Photo of a Kenyan Nurse has currently been trending online after she was captured licking lollipop while attending to a patient in an emergency room in Kitale District Hospital, Kenya. READ MORE HERE
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    “Pastors Live On Blood Money, I Feels Ashamed I Was A Pastor” – Ex Nigerian Pastor — Tori Mill News

    A former Nigerian pastor has said he feels ashamed he was ever a pastor and thanked God for opening his “eyes of understanding to receive sense”. Ex Nigerian Pastor (Al Akhigbe) Al Akhigbe shared a video compilation of Nigerian pastors attacking OAP Daddy Freeze for his preachings … Read...
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    Metro Lords Chosen Man: "I Fought This Demonic Cat And Killed It" (Photos) - Tori Mill

    A Nigerian man physically fights and kills a “demonic” cat in Osun State that fell from ceiling right inside his parlor and attacked him in the middle of the night According to The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries page; "I FOUGHT WITH DEMONIC PUSSYCAT PHYSICALLY AND KILLED IT, FROM...
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    Metro Running To Bathroom To Use Showerhead After Unprotected Sex Is A Waste Of Time – Doctor - Tori Mill

    A Nigerian doctor took to his Twitter TL to give tips for woman on how to take care of their virginal so as to stay healthy. During his educative thread on the micro-blogging platform, he also advice ladies not to waste their time to rush to the bathroom to use showerhead to wash off sperm...