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    World Biden announces $150m more weapons for Ukraine – Punch Newspapers
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    World Biden appoints Jean-Pierre first black woman as White House Press Secretary – P.M. News
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    Metro Parents may face murder charges after their disabled daughter was found ‘melted’ into couch – Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World US VP, Kamala Harris, tests positive for COVID-19 – New Telegraph
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    Metro EXCLUSIVE: How U.S. congressman landed in trouble for receiving campaign donation from Nigerian – Premium Times Nigeria
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    World ‘No end in sight’ – US predicts Russia-Ukraine war will last long term – Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect Has Been Arrested And Faces Charges (Pictures) – The Sun
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    World Trump ‘guilty’ of felonies, says prosecutor who resigned: US media –
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    World Chris Cuomo demands $125M from CNN for sacking him – P.M. News
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    World Obama tests positive for COVID-19, Michelle negative – P.M. News
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    World US official warns Israel: ‘Don’t be last haven for dirty money fueling Putin’s war’ – The Times of Israel
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    World U.S. chickens out from giving Ukraine MiG-29 fighter jets, afraid of Russia – P.M. News
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    World Biden to sign executive order on crypto to close sanctions loopholes – euronews
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    World Bolton sheds light on why Putin didn’t invade Ukraine under Trump – MSNBC
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    World War: Ukraine forces are fighting bravely, frustrating Russia – US – Daily Post Nigeria
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    World When U.S forces will attack Russia, by Joe Biden – The Nation Newspaper
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    World War: Joe Biden reveals only when U.S forces will attack Russia – Daily Post Nigeria
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    World Biden hits Russia with export restrictions – P.M. News
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    World Ukraine attack: World will hold Russia accountable -Biden – Punch Newspapers
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    World Biden hits Russia with multiple sanctions, deploys more U.S. troops – P.M. News