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    World A dangerous fake news story about flu shots spread like a virus on Facebook – Fast Company

    The story, posted earlier this week by YourNewsWire, suggested that the U.S. Center for Disease Control had determined that this year’s flu shot was responsible for many flu-related deaths. In fact, the CDC has said nothing of the kind, and is encouraging people to get a flu shot. Snopes...
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    Zika Virus: 7 Ways To Prevent The Deadly Viral Infection

    Sadly, Zika virus has now assumed menacing dimensions especially in the Americas and Carribean. For instance, in Brazil alone, the virus has affected no less than a million people since the outbreak last year. Furthermore, in recognition of the malignant potentials of Zika virus, the World...
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    How To Keep Yourself Safe From Lassa Fever

    Lassa fever is a viral haemorrhagic fever which has been endemic in the West African subcontinent since it was first discovered in 1969 in a town called Lassa in Borno state. It reportedly affects about 500000 persons in this region on an annual basis, leading to an estimated 5000 deaths. In...