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    Politics [List] 6 Political Wars In Nigeria In 2015

    The year 2015 has been filled with obvious political wars. Today we present to you 6 top political battles of 2015 in Nigeria. 1. Bukola Saraki Vs Tinubu Senate President Bukola Saraki got the number three seat in the land despite the position of his party, APC, which preferred Yobe senator...
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    Politics [OPINION] Is This The War On Corruption? - Chima Chime

    Any careful observer of the interaction between Nigeria’s justice system and the political attacks on non-conformists will immediately surmise that Nigeria’s justice system is under attack. Similarly, as democracy is aimed at enshrining institutions and precedents for the common good, and not...
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    World Tony Blair Apologises for Aspects Of The Iraq War

    Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has finally apologised for the Iraq War. Tony Blair said he accepts that the conflict has been a factor in the rise of Islamic State. Blair made the startling confession during a TV interview in which he acknowledged the 'hell' that had resulted from...