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    Metro See Married Woman Caught Pants Down With Another Married Man In Enugu, Paraded Unclad - Daily Info

    A married man in broad daylight leaved his village all the way to Amokwe to sleep with another man's wife. He was apprehended by the neighborhood who alerted the husband. Due to anger and frustration , the man almost chop off his manhood. He was seriously beaten by the community. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Lady Nabbed Collecting Used Sanitary Pads, Pampers in Owerri - Instablog9ja

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    Metro Boyfriend Gets Stuck Inside Married Women During Sex and Dragged Along the Street [PHOTO/VIDEO] -

    A married woman and her boyfriend got the disgrace of a lifetime after getting stuck during lovemaking. The two who couldn't endure the terrible encounter cried out for help as people gathered to watch the show. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Dead Man Spotted 'Playing Video Game' At His Own Memorial Service (PHOTOS) -

    A young man who had already died, has been bizarrely spotted sitting down at his own memorial service and 'playing a video game'. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Woman Swept Away By Ocean Found Unconscious One Year Later On The Same Beach, With The Same Dress - Information Nigeria

    A 52-year-old Indonesian woman identified as Nining Sunarsih, who was on vacation in Sukabumi, West Java, when she was swept away by a strong wave on Citepus Beach, has been found. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Lady Under Fire For Posting After Sex Photos With Boyfriend -

    A young Nigerian lady has come under fire after she posted photos of herself and her boyfriend before and after sex, with many believing, she has debased herself and womanhood. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Dead Pregnant Woman Delivers Baby In The Grave [VIDEO] - Nairaland

    A lady who was pregnant died. She got buried, but after a few days, people started hearing a baby crying from her grave, When the grave was opened up, a new born baby was found alive, It was delivered in the grave by the dead lady READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Couple Caught Having Sex On Someone's Grave In Broad Daylight (WATCH VIDEO) - Linda Ikeji

    This is the shocking moment a brazen couple were caught having sex on a gravestone in broad daylight in a churchyard frequented by children. WATCH VIDEO HERE
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    Metro Drama As Cheating Husband And Landlady Get Stuck During Sex [WATCH VIDEO] - Linda Ikeji

    A man and his landlady got stuck in each other while having sex, after the man's wife, who suspected her husband of infidelity, sought the services of a native doctor. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Journalist Caught In Bed With A Married Woman Forced To Roll In Mud [VIDEO] - Linda Ikeji

    A Zimbabwean journalist was forced to roll in the mud after he was caught in bed with a married woman. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro University Of Zambia To Train Students In Witchcraft; To Start With 20 Witches - Nairaland

    Report has it that UNESCO has given the University of Zambia $340,000 to develop a Degree Programme to safeguard Intangible Heritage with the first intake comprising of 20 students. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Man Has Sex With Sister-in-Law, Posts After Sex Photos On Facebook -

    It seems Kenya is gradually becoming the centre of sin in Africa after a man identified as Joakim Cruzz, caused a stir after he posted photos of himself and a lady he claimed to be his sister-in-law after having sex. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Female Mourner Twerks On Top Of A Casket During Funeral Procession (Video, Photos)

    A viral video shows a female mourner twerking on top of a casket during a funeral procession.
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    Metro Old Man Recorded Watching Porn In Church As Pastor Was Preaching [SEE VIDEO]

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    Metro Shock As Girl Who Was "Buried" 2 Years Ago Walks Back To Her Parents' House - Nairaland

    Drama ensued after a girl who was believed to have died 2 years ago walked back to her parents home yesterday. It was gathered that the girl identified as Winnie died after an illness and the body was taken to the mortuary and later to the church before she was reportedly buried. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Pastor requests for plot of land before deliverance [VIDEO] - Laila's Blog

    In a weird turn of events, a Nigerian cleric, Prophet Sam Ojo, has come under fire after he requested for for a plot of land before deliverance Read more via Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro I Have Had Sex With Over 100 Married Men To Help Keep Their Marriage - Woman Reveals - Naij

    Gweneth Lee, a 47-year-old wealthy widow, has claimed that she has illicit affairs with over a 100 married men in ten years. She claimed that the affairs help the married men save their marriages. Read more via Nigeria News today & Breaking news – Get More Nigeria...
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    Metro Man Cuts His Manhood After Hardcore Porn Video Got Him Too Excited - Nairaland News

    A man in Bangkok, Thailand is being treated for wounds to his joystick after he inflicted severe wounds on himself while watching hardcore porn. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Dead Woman ‘Pounds Yam’ During Her Burial - Nairaland News

    It was indeed a shocking sight as the corpse of a dead woman was seen ‘pounding yam’ during her burial ceremony in Ghana. READ MORE HERE
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    Metro Explicit Video Of A Couple Having Sex At A Bus Stop In Broad Day Light [WATCH VIDEO]- Linda Ikeji

    A video of a couple having sex at a bus stop in broad daylight is currently trending on social media. The lady involved in the act seemed drunk and she fell down multiple times during the ac WATCH VIDEO HERE

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