what buhari did this week

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    Politics Nigeria: 7 Things President Buhari Did This Week

    The week was a very busy one for the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. The week started with May day celebration, visit to the his himetown in Daura and the attendance at the London Anti Corruption summit. Her are few things President Buhari did in the course of the week... -...
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    Politics Nigeria: 12 Things President Buhari Did This Week

    Here are the list of things president Muhammadu Buhari did this week. - President Muhammadu Buhari Lands In Hometown, Daura after signing 2016 Budget - President Buhari signed 2016 Budget into Law in Statehouse on 6th May 2016. - EXPEDITE REPATRIATION OF OUR STOLEN FUNDS, PRESIDENT BUHARI...
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    Politics 11 Things President Mohammadu Buhari Did This Week

    Has it been a busy week for Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari? Many will agree so and some people will disagree with some of his activities. However, here are 11 things the President did this week as reported by the press... - President Buhari Participates At The Opening Panel-...