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    Entertainment Do you think Nigeria is really safe for world leaders to come for the inauguration and democracy day?

    Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture has said that Nigeria is safe for world leaders invited to attend June 12 festivities. He said and we quaote: “I can assure you Nigeria is safe for all the world leaders to come and attend. “Swear-in of the President and Vice President is...
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    Politics Buhari, Highly Respected By World Leaders – Banki-Moon

    United Nations Secretary General has congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari on the anti-corruption war. Ki-Moon declared: “You are highly respected by world leaders, including myself. Your persona has given your country a positive image.” The United Nations' scribe stated that the the global...
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    Politics President Buhari Signs Pact With 59 World Leaders on Looters

    The Federal Government and 59 other nations will in May sign agreement on the sanctions to be imposed on corrupt political and public office holders. President Muhammadu Buhari will join 59 other world leaders in the United Kingdom to seal the pact by which any of the 60 countries involved...
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    World Brussels: What World Leaders Are Saying About The Deadly Blasts

    World leaders have expressed concern over multiple blasts that rocked Brussels airport and metro station on Tuesday morning, killing no fewer than 22 people. Two blasts hit Brussels airport and another hit a metro station close to the European Union headquarters. - President Muhammadu Buhari...