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  1. Running into Controversy: Zambia's Ex-President Lungu's Jogs Deemed 'Political Activism'

    Africa Running into Controversy: Zambia's Ex-President Lungu's Jogs Deemed 'Political Activism'

    Zambia's former President, Edgar Lungu, has been cautioned against his public jogging sessions, with the police labelling them "political activism". These Saturday runs, which he undertakes alongside ordinary citizens and supporters of his Patriotic Front (PF) party, have drawn significant...
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    Sports Arsenal knocked out of Europa League on penalties as Sporting Lisbon win thriller - Yahoo News
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    World See the $142 million Mercedes that just became the most expensive car ever sold - Yahoo News
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    Sports Athletics world erupts after teenager breaks Usain Bolt record - Yahoo News
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    Entertainment Will Smith gets emotional while accepting the Oscar for Best Actor – Yahoo News
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    World Major Covid breakthrough reveals why certain people get more sick – Yahoo
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    World Russia says military action will stop immediately if Ukraine agrees to four conditions
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    Sports Italian World Cup hero Paolo Rossi dies at 64 – Yahoo! Sports
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    Metro Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid - Yahoo News
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    Metro Building collapses in Nigeria, killing eight – Yahoo News
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    World Donald Trump visits his golf club amid outrage over remarks about US war dead – Yahoo News
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    World Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump told her to ‘take one for the team’ after Kim Jong Un seemingly winked at her – Yahoo News
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    World Republicans attack Fauci and defend Trump at coronavirus hearing – Yahoo News
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    World Woman who filmed Florida police officer drawing gun during pullover arrested after failing to return vehicle – Yahoo News
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    World The Battle of Portland: Trump’s escalating tactics against protesters are backfiring in Oregon – Yahoo News
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    Sports Naomi Osaka Becomes The Highest Paid Female Athlete In History - Yahoo
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    World Chinese investment in US drops to lowest level since 2009 – Yahoo News
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    World Wuhan reported its first new coronavirus case in more than a month – Yahoo News
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    World Former U.S. soldier claims to have led failed invasion of Venezuela – Yahoo News
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    Metro 18 killed by Nigeria security forces over virus lockdown: rights body - SFP