Politics 2015:Taliban Cuts off Finger of 11 Voters.Will Nigerians Risk Their Fingers to Vote?



On Sunday, BBC reported that Taliban insurgents cut off the index fingers of 11 Afghans who participated in the weekend's presidential run-off poll. The 11 victims did nothing wrong, all they did was exercise their fundamental rights to choose their leader.

With 2015 approaching and the drums of war already being beat in Nigeria one would wonder if Nigerians will be bold enough to defend their democracy against all odds.

The Anambra gubernatorial which held in 2013 was supposed the be the litmus test for future elections, however, it was marred by irregularities.

Few weeks to the Ekiti Gubernatorial elections, a motorcycle rider has been murdered and the best that may ever come out of it is political parties playing the blame game.

2015 elections is about 7 months away and Nigeria is already rife with violence; from bomb blast to kidnapping and herdsmen attack. What are Nigerians going to risk to cast a vote?.

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Photo showing Post-election Violence in Nigeria



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