5 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Stay in Abusive Marriages



Abusive relationships are not new in Nigeria. It is estimated that 25 percent of women in Nigeria face domestic abuse. Nigerian women do not just go through abuse daily, but most choose to remain with their abuser.

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Here are 5 reasons why Nigerian women stay in Abusive Marriages:

1. Religion

Nigerians are very religious people. They believe that marriage, especially for women, should be ''until death do us part''. Religious groups in Nigeria do not believe anyone should walk out of a marriage no matter the circumstance. Good women are supposed to pray for change and not walk out.

2. Financial constraints

Women in Nigeria earn much lower than their male counterparts. Also, a lot of Nigerian women were raised to rely on men for their every financial need - they move from depending on their parents to depending on husbands. The average Nigerian woman does not understand that she needs to have a F*ck off fund for rainy days.

3. Social stigma

In Nigerian societal ranking, divorced women are on the bottom of the list after married women, single ladies and baby mamas. When a marriage ends, the woman is blamed. Most families will rather have their daughter beaten and returned in a casket than divorced. ''A little slap here and there shouldn't end a marriage'' - some will argue.

4. For their child

Women stay even longer in abusive marriages when a child is involved. Women come up with excuses like ''My children will blame me and resent me'', ''The kids need a father'', etc., a lot of Nigerian women will take as many slaps and down-talking as possible to make their children happy.

5. Poor orientation

Women are often blamed for getting abused in the relationships. It is often assumed that when a woman gets abused by a man, she did something to deserve it. Some women who are frequently abused even believe they deserve it.

Proper education and re-orientation is necessary if domestic abuse against women must stop. Women must also play a vital role in breaking the cycle by raising better men.
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To all women, if a guy beats you, damn the consequences and leave him.

@Jules, what about men that get beatings from their wives? Any advice for them?
It all starts from the initial relationship. If he hits you before marriage, alarm bells should ring. If he hits other women, alarm bells should ring.

That goes for women as well