World 60 School Girls Mysteriously Poisoned by Police



Sixty students of a girl school were mysteriously poisoned in Rustaq district of northern Afghanistan’s Takhar province on Wednesday, The Nation reports.

Abdul Asir, Police Spokesman in the province, said the grade seven to 12 of Mir Mulai Girl School in Rustaq district were mysteriously poisoned around 10 a.m.

He said the affected students had been taken to hospital for medical treatment.

Asir added that investigation had been initiated to determine the reason for the problem.

The official recalled that this was the second incident of its kind in Takhar province in the past two weeks.

He said in the previous incident which occured in the same district on April 19, a total of 62 students of a girl school were poisoned and the vomiting caused them to fall unconscious for several hours.

Source: The Nation


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