Politics AGF Malami Behind Corruption Trial of Bukola Saraki- CCB Intelligence Head



According to Samuel Madojemu the heads the Intelligence Department of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), the agency began investigating Senate President Bukola Saraki following a directive from the AGF.

According to a report Sahara Reporters, he said the CCB had no need to invite Senate President Bukola Saraki to respond to questions before the bureau filed a case at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) against the two-term former governor of Kwara State. The decision not to summon Mr. Saraki for interrogation was due to the face that the senator had already submitted sworn legal documents.

He said the bureau’s investigation into Mr. Saraki’s financial transactions during his tenure as governor did not originate from any specific petition. He stated that the CCB had received no petition against Mr. Saraki, adding, however, that the bureau’s investigation was triggered by “complaints and intelligence supplied by the Attorney General of the Federation.”

He added that the CCB and EFCC “decided to collaborate to ensure detailed investigation of infractions discovered in [Mr. Saraki’s] assets declaration form.”

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