Metro Anti-Corruption War: You Cannot Succeed, CAN Tells Buhari



Frowning at the anti-corruption war of President Buhari, the Kano State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has described the President as deceptive and selective.

The Kano State Chairman of the Christian body, Bishop Ransome Bello, made the remark when he expressed his displeasure with current anti-corruption fight, saying Buhari can’t win the fight by being selective.

According to Bello, “Everything about the President is deceptive, selective and because of this, he will not win the anti-graft war.

“President Muhammadu Buhari’s crusade against corruption and the lethargic approach in addressing the alleged wanton killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna were reprehensible and lopsided.”

Alleging that the current anti-corruption fight was targeting a few persons believed to be against the current administration, Bello noted that the graft war can’t be won when some corrupt members of the ruling party are being shielded.

“He can’t win the war against corruption by fighting a few. He can’t win when his party members are protected. We all love this country.

”We should stop deceiving ourselves. We are living in deception,” he said.


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Prof Jelili

New Member
Good one from CAN leadership. No government can selective anti corruption war.

We hope the President and his people can hear words from the Spiritual arm.

Nevertheless, when will CAN start anti corruption war inside the Church? This is essential to support and show a good example and model for Buhari's administration to build upon.

Thank you.