Metro Arase Left With 24 Police Cars and Has Refused to Return Them - IG Idris



Police IG Ibrahim Idris has accused his predecessor, Solomon Arase, of retiring from the service with 24 vehicles which he has refused to return.

“When I took over, there was no vehicle, even the vehicle I would use. I discovered the last IG went away with 24 vehicles; the DIGs, some of them eight, some of them seven. The IG’s vehicles included two BMW 7 series, one armoured; and he left me with an old car," he said according to Punch.

He added that he has set up an investigative panel to look into every vehicle purchase the police has made in recent times.

"It is going to investigate all the vehicle purchases, contributions to the police and the distribution of those vehicles in the last three years; we are going to look into that," he said.

Mr. Arase however denied the accusation strongly.

“What am I going to do with 24 cars? Do I want to open a car shop? This is a malicious accusation. There are ways of verifying issues rather than engaging in media propaganda," he said.



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Na wa oh. So, part of Mr. Arase's retirement plans is to open a Car Mart...