Metro Arrested Boko Haram Suspect Reveals Names of Its Bomb Factory Operators



Justice will always catch up to offenders, somehow.

The Nigerian military troops have arrested a Boko Haram suspect who has revealed details of how the sect got bombs it used in a recent attack in Cameroon.

According to a statement from army spokesman, Col. Shehu Usman, Aji Gambo, was arrested at Wudla village.


He "revealed that the Boko Haram terrorists that attacked Kirawa and Kolofata in the northern part of Cameroon were from Dara Jamel village Nigeria, where they had an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) factory," the statement said.

He further stated that the suicide bombers and the IED were prepared by Abdulrahaman Alkali Isa, Ba’ana Hisuba and Alkali Isa Karami, natives of Dara Jamel.

He however added that the perpetrators have fled to Sumbulum village.