Politics Attorney General, Abubakar Malami Speaks on Arms Deal and Stolen Funds



Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, (SAN), yesterday, in an interview with Vanguard said the Federal Government was more interested in recovering to the last kobo, all public funds stolen and stashed away by top politicians and their cronies under the guise of arms purchase.

It said it was not keen on frivolous plea bargain option being contemplated by some of the suspects now standing trial.
The government said such plea bargain allows looters to go away with stolen public assets.

According to Malami, the era of allowing smart persons to loot public funds and pay back a pittance under the guise of plea bargain is over.

The minister made it clear that all those who are implicated by the arms probe and other scams that have cost the nation hundreds of billions of Naira, would be made to cough out the money and still pay the price for breaching public trust.
The reaction of the government came on the heels of the reported willingness of some top politicians to refund over N650 million which they claimed to have collected from the former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki, for campaign purposes.

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