Entertainment Audu Maikori, Chocolate City Boss Turns Relationship Counsellor On Twitter

Audu Maikori, the creative brain box and CEO, Chocolate City took to his Twitter handle earlier today to share a number of relationship advice and warnings to fans, friends and followers as he harped on things that could make a relationship and things he believes spells doom for any serious intimate relationship.
Read his series of Tweets below:

"Girls if he only loves your body and face but can't even ask you how your day was or hold a decent conversation #ItWontWek... Girls he doesn't care if your bag is Prada or Nada , if you r soft spoken &have a heart of gold, he will buy you that Prada himself #Wek... If she always compares u with others( bad sides) but doesn't compare the others to you(good side) then loving her is suicide #ItWontWek"

"If you caught him sleeping with your best friend &but he repented. You may have lost out both ways #ItWontWek... Guys if your girl despises your small beginnings then fast track a quick ending to the relationship cos #ItWontWek... He loves you but doesn't like your tribe? Or your family or any of your friends yet he wants to marry, my dear u r Kirikiri bound #ItWontWek... "She's a worker in church but she's never prayed with you. she loves good food but has never cooked for you...Bruv you are in soup!#ItWontWek"

Do you agree with everything Maikori just said?

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