Politics Boko Haram: Nigerian Govt. Appeals to France, Cameroon for Help



The Nigerian Government has appealed to France and Cameroon for assistance in tackling the boko haram insurgency.

PM news reported that, speaking on behalf of the government, Labaran Maku, Minister for Information and National Orientation said, "I think what we need is international cooperation from the French, from the French-speaking west African countries to work together to deal with this problem before it becomes a major problem for France, for western interests operating in west Africa.

"It will devastate French interests if we allow this terror to go on".

Maku said much of the problem stemmed from the Nigerian-Cameroon border,"They strike. When we pursue them, they retreat into Cameroon.

French President, Francois Hollande is expected to attend an international conference on security, peace and development in Africa and to celebrate the centenary of Nigerian unification this week.

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