Metro Boko Haram: Troops Liberate some Abducted Women,Ghadaffi’s Mercenaries Fingered in Konduga Attack



According to top Nigerian military sources, some of the 20 women abducted by Boko Haram terrorists during the invasion of Konduga in Borno state have been rescued.

The terrorists had abducted about 20 girls from the Government Girls Senior Science Secondary School and Ashigar School of Business and Administrative Studies.

Meanwhile, military sources have also fingered some mercenaries of ex-Libyan leader Muammar Ghadaffi as part of those who invaded Konduga, killing residents and burning homes.

The source said, "These mercenaries relocated from Libya to Mali in the heat of the Libyan crisis, which led to the ouster of the late Ghadaffi. And with the intervention of French troops and African Mission, the mercenaries eventually lost their bases in Mali.

"These mercenaries, with stinking funds at their disposal, have not even given up in Libya. On January 18, some of them were said to have overrun an Air Force Base outside the City of Sabha in Southern Libya. They do have an ally in Boko Haram There is the suspicion that the Libyan mercenaries are backing the Boko Haram sect in retaliation of the position on the Libyan crisis.

Military sources have also squashed claims that Boko Haram is fighting a Jihad in Nigeria. A source said,
"If you look at recent pattern of attacks, the insurgents cannot be said to be waging a Jihad or pursuing any agenda to Islamise Nigeria because they have been destroying churches, mosques and killing Christians and Muslims. It looks more of a war against the sovereignty of Nigeria than any religious colouration. This is why the military authorities have directed troops to go full blast on land and in the air.

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