World British Prime Minister Cameron Buys N570,000 Used Car For Wife



Prime Minister David Cameron has bought a £1,500 (N335,500 in official rate) and (N570,000 in black market rate) used car as a "cheap run-around" for his wife, according to the salesman he bought it from.

According to BBC, Showroom owner Iain Harris, 44, said he got a call from the PM's security team saying he was interested in the compact car was a "wind-up".

Mr Cameron paid £1,495 for the Nissan Micra in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, on Friday. He said the blue car was "just the right colour" for the Tory leader.

Mr Harris said he first heard of Mr Cameron's interest in the car when he received a call to his office at Witney Used Car Centre, in the prime minister's constituency.

Mr Cameron in some weeks back referred to Nigeria and Afghanistan as 'fantastically corrupt' countries.
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