Metro Chibok: Boko Haram Terrorists Vacate Sambisa Forest


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DailyPost says the Boko Haram sect have started deserting Sambisa forest due to military pressure.

There has been intense pressure on the sect members to free the over 200 teenage school girls, who have been in their custody for over 120 days.

Consequently, the insurgents are believed to have vacated the Sambisa Forest for the lake Chad regions, due to heavy pressure mounted on them by the military.
A source told our correspondent that the bulk of the insurgents, who were in the Sambisa Forest, had suddenly fizzled out to surrounding villages within the Lake Chad Basin.

According to him, “Our men have combed the entire Sambisa within our jurisdiction without seeing anything. We believe that they must have relocated to any of their several strongholds created over time, having declared a silent war on us.

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Source: #DailyPost


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