Metro Collapsed Synagogue Church Building: "I Was The Target" - TB Joshua



The founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua, while speaking with journalists has disclosed that he was the main target of the recent building collapse at the church complex in Lagos which killed about 16 people.

“I was the target. Why would anybody want to harm my members? Surely, I was the target. The best way to stop the Church is to get TB Joshua out, and that was exactly what they probably wanted to do”, he insisted.

“On that fateful day, I was in my prayer room when I received a call that a Chopper was roving round the Church premises. When I entered the rest room, I asked where it was, they said ‘over there’. Having circumvented the whole area, it disappeared.

“The people in the neighborhood were screaming, the Police were alerted. The whole scenario was not different from when I raised the alarm over the Boko Haram attack the other time, at the end of the day, after much criticism, I was vindicated. “This time round, I will be vindicated when the truth comes out”, he said.

A footage of the incident captured by the CCTV Camera stationed in the vicinity showed a Chopper that roved round the high-rise building times before the building went down.

Meanwhile, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) yesterday said that 109 people trapped at the collapse building in Synagogue Church have so far been rescued, while 16 dead bodies have been retrieved from the debris.

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