World Daliyah Arana: The 4-Year Old Girl Who Has Read More Than 1,000 Books



Have you read up to 1,000 books? If you have not, 4-year old Daliyah Marie Arana has definitely read more books than you! In a report by Washington Post, Daliyah read her first book on her own at 2 years and 11 months old, and has since read more than 1,000 books, including college-level texts.

The 4 year-old girl's feat has since past two days gone viral, especially as she was even invited to shadow Carla Hayden, the leader of the Library of Congress, on Wednesday as “librarian for the day.”

The little girl from Gainesville, Georgia, showed up wearing glasses, a pink dress, and a bow, looking like your average adorable child, only to amaze Hayden with her passion for reading.

“She just kept saying how the Library of Congress is her most favorite, favorite, favorite library in the whole wide world,” Haleema Arana, Daliyah’s mother, told the Washington Post.

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Daliyah’s mother got the idea of counting the number of books the young voracious reader goes through after hearing about the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. By 3 years old, Daliyah had already “likely” read 1,000 with the help of her mother at that point, but she’s read more than 1,000 more books in the year since, the Washington Post writes.

Her mother said While she was pregnant with Daliyah, her mother would read books to her other young children on a daily basis. When Daliyah was an infant, she would hear her older brother reading chapters of books out loud in their Gainesville, Ga., home. And by the time she was about 18 months old, she was recognizing the words in the books her mother read her.


It seems the youngies, expecially 4-year olds are doing incredible things around the world. Recall that in November, Jake Amo, a 4-year old old creative Ghanaian boy broke the internet.

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