Ebola Virus - Reason School Children Couldn't Resume?


Temitope Akinola
The Nigerian Ministries of Health and Education had jointly announced that schools would resume by Oct 13 to forestall the spread of Ebola Virus among school children. But just as government succeeded in containing Ebola in Nigeria, the dates of resumption was reviewed to September 22. One would have taught that with the obvious success against Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Nigeria, the teachers would be most eager to return to school.

The opposite was the case as the NUT threatened to go on strike if the initial date is not maintained. The question one would ask however is: Was it the NUT that announced that no school should resume initially?

NUT had argued that government didn't put protective measures in place to prevent Ebola virus from spreading in schools. This development has made some states to postpone school resumption till October thereby making the children to stay more at home.

Do you think the fear of Ebola Virus is the real reason teachers don't want to return to class now or the subtle desire to have an ample time for the coming festivities?