Sponsored Fans’ expectations and football todays matches


The postponement of Euro 2020 was an expected decision, but it didn’t affect the level of interest in the upcoming event at all. The disappointment of fans faded as the long-anticipated championship kicked off. Every sport's enthusiast is eager to find out the schedule of football todays matches and join active fans.
The increased interest in the fight for the cup is due not only to the long wait but also to the unpredictability of games. In the recent match between Germany and France, the victory of the latter was so unexpected that attentive fans couldn’t believe the result. The mistake of the German national team was reflected in the standings, which means that it becomes more difficult to predict who will go to the final.
The game between the national teams of Ukraine and North Macedonia was quite predictable, since the poor teamwork of the latter team wasn’t a secret. However, it cannot be said that this achievement of a beginner team is a sign of poor performance. In this case, it was due to the lack of training of North Macedonia, which will subsequently leave the championship.
As for the predictions for today’s football matches scheduled for later, the fans are at a loss. It is still unknown whether the lack of time and such a long break will affect the performance of participating teams. However, this doesn’t mean that there are fewer people who want to watch games.
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Interim Euro 2021 score for today
The departure of the North Macedonian national team was predictable. The team's result pleased the fans, but they shouldn't have expected more. Getting into the list of participants is already an excellent achievement, which will have a positive effect on the national team, despite its final Euro 2021 score.

Host cities are actively preparing for the upcoming matches, so fans should expect to witness exciting events. The participating teams are ready to fight for the champion’s title and put a lot of effort to achieve this goal. It’s very difficult to predict what scores awaits us at the end of Euro 2021, but one thing is clear: the fans will be delighted with the scheduled matches and the games of their favourite teams.