Metro Foreigners Flee Port Harcourt in Droves for Fear of Contracting Ebola



Nigeria: Out of fear of contracting the deadly #Ebola virus, foreigners living in Nigeria's oil hub Port Harcourt have begun fleeing the country in droves.

Reports say their paranoia level was heightened by Minister of Health's statement and also WHO's projection that the virus could spread very fast in the city.

Excerpts from Punch:

The foreigners, with their fully-loaded bags and members of their families, stormed the Port Harcourt International Airport to board flights to their various countries.

They were filling some forms whose contents were only known to them.

Before the foreigners decided to flee Port Harcourt, they had been seen wearing face masks to prevent being affected by the virus.

One of the foreigners, who declined to give his name, said the spread of the Ebola virus informed the decision to return to their countries.

“I am afraid here. I want to go to my country because there is no cure for Ebola,” he said.

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