Metro Gov Ambode to Banish Danfo Buses From Lagos This Year



Governor Akinwumi Ambode has revealed plans to rid lagos state of its ubiquitous yellow buses.

He said this at the 14th Annual Lecture of the Centre for Value and Leadership with theme: “Living Well Together, Tomorrow: The Challenge of Africa’s Future Cities” held in Lagos.

“I tell you what, I want to banish yellow buses from Lagos this year," he said.

“My dream of ensuring that Lagos becomes a true megacity will not be actualised with the presence of these yellow buses on Lagos roads” Ambode said.


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Good move. But please, provide an alternative. But really, I'm going to miss all the many stories (fiction, nonfiction) tied around the yellow pulses. @Jules Those stories, description - with the yellow buses make Lagos a beautiful and desirable place to be.
Lu can't ban yellow bus Mr gov, do u know d number of people sustaining their family wit yellow us they are d majority's that voted u into power and u don't even have alternative do u know that people waited hours before they can board yr blue bus Mr gov find other alternative how to regulate their operations ooooo