Entertainment Guinea Suspends Beauty Pageant Over Swimwear Catwalk In Front Of Prime Minister


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Guinea government has announce a temporal suspension on beauty pageantry following public outrage over bikinis.

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The ban came after the conclusion of a beauty pageant held at the weekend with the beauty queens appearing with swim wears, parading in front of the Prime minister Mamady Youla

Angry protesters took their criticism of the event to the social media accusing the prime minister of encouraging prostitution with his appearance at the event

While others said the swim wears used by the beauty queens is a show of shame to the Guinean culture

The ban will remain in place until a committee set up to establish new code of ethics concludes its work. The government has said.

Guinea’s Culture Minister, Siaka Barry, said the government had terminated its contract with the organisers of the pageant.

In a tweet, Africa Feeds ‏@theafricafeeds, said: “Guinea’s government suspends beauty pageant over swimwear.”
Lol.. See these people o. As if they are just seeing them wear it... They should deny they don't patronise the Beauty pageants.

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