Metro How Buhari Made Nigeria a Laughing Stock Globally- Health Minister Adewole



The Muhammadu Buhari government made a laughing stock in front of the international community for slashing its 2016 health budget by 33 percent, Health Minister, Isaac Adewole has stated.

He said this at a public hearing organised by the House of Representatives Committee on Healthcare Services on how to avert a crisis in primary healthcare delivery in the nation.

“We became a laughing stock globally when the 2016 health budget was reduced by 33 per cent.

“The impression is that we are not a serious nation. Each time we talk about primary healthcare, we talk about a pyramid.

“PHC as the foundation, secondary institutions as the building and tertiary institutions as the roof.

“Without the foundation, the pyramid will not stand,” the minister asserted.

He also warned that the challenges in the sector will only worsen unless there was a remarkable improvement in 2017.


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