World How Donald Trump Can Be Removed As President Without Being Impeached



Since US President Donald Trump signed the executive order restraining citizens of 7 muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, the situation has become tense and attracted several reactions from all over the world, with some people calling for the impeachment of the billionaire turned politician, two weeks into office.

But there is something else that could mean Trump can be kicked out of the White House without having to be impeached.

It is contained in section 4 of the 25th amendment to the constitution- which was ratified in 1967.


According to this section, the vice president and majority of the cabinet secretaries can write to the president pro tempore of the senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives, letting them know they don’t think the president is able to fulfil his duties.

The vice president would then become acting president – which in this case, would be Mike Pence.

If this happened to Trump, he would have 21 days to convince a two-thirds majority of both Congressional chambers otherwise.

At present Trump's party, the Republicans, have majorities in both chambers, but his opponents cross party lines.