Metro How Lagosians Are Making 'Sharp' Money Out of the Ebola Virus


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Fear is an energizing emotion as much as it is a crippling one, and the ones who have seen the potential for panic-buying have begun to cash in on it. Welcome to the city of Lagos, the sleepless landmark that makes money regardless. Not even the Ebola virus can slow down the pace.

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"The prices of hand sanitisers, bitter kola and general disinfectants have gone up in Lagos state over the Ebola virus disease scare. Recent surveys carried out in Lagos revealed the scarcity of disinfectants, especially hand sanitisers, according to reports from Nigerian Tribune.

It was also gathered that though some shops still stocked different brands of hand sanitisers, the prices had generally gone up. With unconfirmed speculations that that bitter kola is a cure for Ebola, the price of the product had also gone up, as a piece of bitter kola, which used to sell for N20, now goes for N50.

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