Money How to Improve Your Odds When Playing Video Slots


Are you looking for ways to improve the win rate when playing a slot online? Millions of people are migrating from physical casinos to virtual ones—not everyone needs to dress up and take a trip to Las Vegas to win big. More people are realising that they can relax and make money by hedging bets and placing wagers from any location or device, especially with the array of immersive video slots now on offer on places like 918kiss.

Taking slots online effectively took the casino floor from Nevada to the world. All players need to do is link an account to a gaming app. Then, they can figure out how to increase the chances of winning against designs that generate revenue for developers and investors.

Don’t worry; our digital gaming experts provide a few tricks below for improving your next video slots experience.

Find the Right Slot Machine to Help You Win

Casino owners place slot machines at the front of their establishments because they are the most beginner-friendly gambling setups. Slots require no skills, so anyone with disposable cash can trade their money for chips and try their luck. However, experienced gamblers never sit down in front of a physical slot machine without knowing its payback percentage.

Slots usually have the worst odds of any game, which is why they are nearer the front door. Casual gamblers spend thousands on these low-return wagers, but analysing some data can be helpful.

Where to Find Win Rate Data

The gambling term for payback percentage is RTP or Return to Player. It signifies the average amount of money a slot machine “gives back” to players through winnings. Turning virtual gambling into an alternative income stream is almost impossible, but understanding the RTP percentages on every slot machine you use can give you a better chance of recovering some cash.

Find the RTP percentages of physical slot machines from official reports of gaming jurisdictions. For example, if you’re playing slots in Nevada, look at figures from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. A slot online generally has RTP percentages on gaming commentary websites, like PokerNews, Google reviews, and the slot developers’ homepages.

Some of today’s virtual slot machines with the best RTPs are:
  • XCalibur
  • Party Island
  • Polar Paws
  • Lucky Riches Hyperspins
  • Book of Guardians
  • Jungle Boogie

The Right Return to Player Figure

Dividing the sum of the money players spend on a slot machine by the amount it gives back for the RTP figure. Computing the payback percentage of online slots can be complex when jackpot figures are higher, and these games pay less. Many games return a meagre 95% of players’ contributions, so 96% or higher represents a far better win rate per spin.

Most slots online have an RTP figure of 93% to 99%, and developers need government bodies like the UK Gaming Commission or MGA to verify their stats.

A Final Word

Video slots are fun and immersive, but choosing a machine with a higher RTP is the only way to ensure good potential returns. Never play an unlicensed slot online, and always bet according to your gambling budget.