Entertainment Jay Z Confirms Beyonce is Pregnant With Second Child, Reveals Baby Bump

If the words of Jay Z, American rap star and the physical manifestation/body language of Beyonce, Grammy-winning singer are to be considered strong pointers, then Beyonce is pregnant with her second baby.

A source close to a Def Jam executive was told in July that Beyonce was pregnant but out of respect for the couple and the camp, the news was kept under wraps bearing in mind that the couple suffered a loss when Beyonce had a miscarriage some years back.

Interestingly, in the last two weeks, Beyonce has been caught on camera with what appears to be alcoholic beverages and to further clear the suspicion and uncertainty, her husband, Jay Z confirmed her pregnancy when he altered the lyrics of the song 'Beach is Better' and rapped, "... Cos she pregnant with another one.” While singing new lyrics, he cupped his hand over what seemed to be a small baby bump shown off by Beyonce's tight outfit! Also, a new costume for Beyonce's sexy song, “Partition” also showed a bump

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Source: HotHipHopDetroit

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