World Kenyan Govt Becomes Big Brother, Now Monitors All Mobile Phone Activities



The Kenyan government will start snooping on Kenyans starting from next week Tuesday as the country prepares for its upcoming presidential elections.

The government had previously announced that it would block internet access on the election day but it seems to have taken a step further and will now be able to access citizens' calls, texts and mobile money transactions. In light of this, government has ordered telcos to provide access to their computers using a third party company called M/S Broadband Communications Networks Ltd.

Governments usually can listen in on citizens' phone calls and texts but have to obtain a judge's warrant to be able to do so, with a cogent reason attached. Instead, the government wants unlimited access to everyone's accounts.

The Kenyan government said it wants to snoop on citizens in order to checkmate fake products, which doesn't sound coherent as all one need for that is an IMEI number.

Big Brother is watching.


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The government now spying on citizens' private lives? How disgusting!

The 'Big Brother' inclusion though... :)