Lagos Govt Insists on Zmapp for Ebola Treatment,Rejects Nano Silver



The Lagos state government has rejected the experimental Ebola drug, Nano Silver.

The Nation reported that the Lagos Commissioner of Health, Dr Jide idris, said that other than the American drug Zmapp the state won't be using any other substitute.

Idris said that the drug, ''Nano Silver'', being suggested by the Federal Government is a natural health product and the state is not ready to take chances with the health of the patients at all.

"Should we have access to ZMAPP now, right away, we will start the administration on the patients. We are attending a meeting soon with the Task Force on Ebola to know if the ZMAPP drug is available as stated by the Federal government,”Idris said.

Also, the commissioner of health disclosed that First Consultant Hospital where the first case of EVD occurred would be reopened soon.

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