Metro Lagos Shuts Down 40 Religious Houses Over Noise Pollution



Nigeria - The Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), yesterday shut another set of religious houses, industries, club houses and others for contravening the guidelines on noise, air and environmental pollution.

This is coming barely 72 hours after sealing some hotels and religious houses within Lagos metropolis.

According to the General Manager LASEPA, Engr. Ademola Shabi, said 40 religious outfits were shut in the past two days of enforcement.


He added that 10 factories, night clubs and other business outfits were sealed by the agency to return sanity to the environment.

“If we do this for another six months, the level of non-compliance will reduce,” he said.

Shabi lamented that the agency had received thousands of complaints from residents over the increased noise pollution.

“When one is exposed to noise level about 150 percent decibel for 6 hours, such exposure could lead to deafness," he said.

“At industrial areas, noise level is meant to be at 90 decibel in the day and 80 decibel at night. In areas where we called mixed (residential and industrial), during the day, the noise pollution is expected to be at 65 decibel and at night 55 decibel.

Daily Trust