Metro LIST of Nigerian States That Are Yet to Domesticate Child Rights Act of 2003



About twelve states in the country are yet to domesticate the child rights act enacted by the Federal Govern-ment in 2003‬, the Chief Legal Officer of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Plateau state, Mr Kiyenpiya Mahuyai, has stated.

She listed the states affected as:

Adamawa state
Bauchi state
Borno state
Enugu state
Gombe state
Kaduna state
Kano state
Katsina state
Kebbi state
Sokoto state
Yobe state
Zamfara state

She added that Plateau State which domesticated the child right act in 2005 recently took another step when a high court judge was designated as a family court judge.

She spoke at the seventh session of the Peace Architecture Dialogue (PAD), a monthly forum organised by Search For Common Ground.


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