Entertainment Mr Eazi - I Started A Fashion Trend With My Ghana-Must-Go Clothes



Skintight Singer, Mr Eazi seems to believe that he started a fashion revolution.


In a recent interview with Vogue, the singer said, despite the criticism that met the Ghana-Must-Go outfits he wore on the promotional artworks for his Lagos To Accra mixtape, it have become a popular trend.

Mr Eazi said, “I wore an outfit that was the most controversial thing in fashion this year. The materials used for these designs are from what we call the Ghana-must-go bags. At one point, there was a lot of Ghanaians in Nigeria because of the oil boom. The Nigerian government asked the Ghanaians to go back. There was a mass exodus, and they would use these bags, because they didn’t have time to get a proper suitcase. Going back and forth between Nigeria and Ghana, I would notice that the businesswomen, to bring goods back and forth, would use the Ghana-must-go bags.

''I feel like this bag now represents me: Mr Eazi, the Yoruba boy who went from Nigeria to Ghana. I called my stylist and said, “I want to dress in Ghana-must-go!” And I said I wanted it tailored in the most prestigious traditional Nigerian fit. A lot of people got mad! They said they’d fight me in the street. But I’ve also seen people wearing it on Instagram. It’s getting the youth to wear the Ghana-must-go. At the end of the day, it’s all love.”