Metro Nigeria: Emir Sanusi Makes Confusing Statement About Men's Right to Marry Minors



Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II on Tuesday affirmed that respect among couples is the recipe for joy in marriages.

The Emir said children and women need to be treated respectfully for the community to develop.

“A situation where an adult married a girl and gruesomely maltreating her is untenable, even as it is unIslamic and must be condemned by all men of goodwill," Leadership quoted him as saying.

He then went on to make a confusing statement about people's rights to marry minors.

"We are not saying that a person has no right to marry a minor or teenager up his daughter, but, what we are saying is that any husbands must treat his wife(s) with respect and dignity in accordance with the religious injunctions” he declared according to Leadership.

He spoke at a one-day interactive and consultative session organized by the Women’s Right Advancement and Protection Alternative in conjunction with the Centre for Gender Studies, Bayero University.


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