Metro Nigeria: Missing Police Vehicles Found, IG Idris Erred - Vanguard



According to a report from Vanguard, the two police staff cars Solomon Arase was accused of stealing by IGP Ibrahim Idris has been found.

Idris had accused Arase of retiring with about 24 vehicles and had refused to return them, an accusation which the later denied vehemently.

However, it has been discovered that two staff cars were sent for comprehensive repairs for the new IG's use. Auto Computers in Abuja was awarded the contract. The firm said one of the vehicles has already been repaired while the other needs more attention.

Also, Vanguard said newly posted officers at the IGP secretariat didn't bother to check with the Works Department and the Force Transport Department (which normally handles these things) before writing IGP Idris, who in turn accused ex IG Arase.

Enquiries about the whereabouts of other vehicles also showed that they were intact and that while some were deployed for operations, the Police had records of the location of others.

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