Politics Nigeria Should Stop Playing Big Brother to African Countries Like Cameroon-Belgore



Dele Belgore, a governorship aspirant in Kwara State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has said that Nigeria should stop playing big brother to uncooperative African countries.

DAILY INDEPENDENT reported that, in a keynote address he delivered in Ilorin at the North Central Town Hall Meeting , Belgore said, "There is another dimension to the Boko Haram menace. This has to do with some of our neighbours and other African countries. From time immemorial, Nigeria has been a country envied by many African countries.

"Our size, the aggressiveness of our people, our wealth relative to other black Africans, our competence and capabilities and many other characteristics have generally made us to be object of resentment by our so- called brothers.

"America is the country the whole world not only envies but also hates. Similarly, Nigerians are the people other Africans envy but also hate. Much as we contributed to the liberation of our African brothers in Zimbabwe and South Africa, they are some of the worst enemies of Nigeria today.

"How do you explain the insulting comments about our country by dictators like Mugabe of Zimbabwe or Museveni of Uganda. Some of our immediate neighbours are even worse. Imagine Cameroon trying to ridicule us by saying that our soldiers ran to their country from Nigeria to avoid fighting Boko Haram.”

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